Subcora is a Liverpool, UK based DJ, originally from Istanbul (Turkey). After years of being involved in music, in various capacities; as a singer, music writer and interview editor, she is now mostly focusing on DJing and creating online podcasts. She plays different genres of house that she very eloquently combines melodic and instrumentally rich songs. Find out what happened when R+R caught up with her. 

R+R – Who is Subcora? What’s her history?

Subcora - First of all, thanks a lot for inviting me. I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey. I moved to UK, Plymouth, at 2014 to complete my PhD project which focused on collaborative creativity through a psychological perspective.  On 2017, I moved up to North, Liverpool, for my current job. I have been involved in music in various ways for years, but being an avid collector and deep digger has always been my trait. At some point I felt a strong desire to express this passion and decided to share my selections with others.


R+R – Creativity through psychological lens, immense. When and why did you decide to get into this line of work?

Subcora - I lived in Berlin for 5 months in 2016. Musically strong vibe of the city unleashed my passion for mixing. I always wanted to make my own podcasts, and in fact DJed occasionally before, but never felt (technically) ready for recording them. Berlin’s spirit gave me the courage I needed. I put up one of my sets on soundcloud and received great support which I am very thankful for. Things started getting interesting after that. The strong community feeling and support in soundcloud gave me an incredible motivation to keep going.


R+R – Any challenges you’ve encountered along the way + How did you overcome these challenges?

Subcora - I struggled balancing the time for music with my academic job. Due to lack of time to practice, I didn’t feel confident enough with my skills for a while. Now, I believe that you can only develop by practicing whenever you can and putting yourself out, rather than waiting until you become perfect, which will probably never be the case as there is always something to improve.

Things got better with multi-tasking as I started feeling more and more confident. In time, I developed better time organisation skills and managed to create more time for practice. I also had to give a break to my other passions and limit my social time, to focus more on music. Apart from these, I also thought myself to feel the music, rather than being analytical about it. That helped me a lot in whatever I did about music.


R+R – Did you study music? 

Subcora - I didn’t study music. However, for years I was singing in different choirs and for brief periods in some bands as well. I have basic music theory knowledge from these experiences.


R+R – What/who influenced you in your early years

Subcora - My earliest musical influences are some post-punk and new wave bands as well as the names that we can roughly group under “intelligent dance music” genre.  Later, I started exploring various genres of electronica such as trip hop, down tempo, and quite a bit of electro as well.


R+R – Who in the house scene is currently impressing you right now?

Subcora - That can be a very long list! I really enjoy live sets of contemporary musicians like David August, Florian Rietze, Rampue and Javid, who are a producing unique sounds, particularly live sets. Keinemusik label artists are very impressive as well. Apart from these, some of all time favorites are Four Tet, Kiasmos, Christian Löffler, Pional, Jon Hopkins and Moderat.  


R+R – Taking into account your influences what is it that sets you apart from the rest?

Subcora - I try to stay open to sounds from different contexts, times, labels, musicians and collectives.  As much as I pay attention to trends, they are not my primary motivation sources.


R+R – What is different about your style + sound?

Subcora - I guess this is something that only my listeners can truly answer. One thing that I can say, is I don’t stick with one specific style and tempo and push myself to play in different ones. I also try to blend very different sounds/vibes/moods in one pot.


R+R – Interesting, I suppose your listeners will get something unique from every set. If you had to share the stage/decks with anyone, who will that be?

Subcora - I would definitely want to share the decks with DJ Tennis. He is a very inspiring DJ whom I believe has a very sophisticated perspective about music.


R+R - What has 2018 have installed for Subcora?

Subcora - Starting from June, I will have monthly live radio shows at our great community radio Melodic Distraction, based in Liverpool. I also have a few upcoming gigs one of which is playing at UK’s biggest African culture festival Africa Oye. MaschinenFunk team based in Liverpool is collaborating with well respected Liverpool based Kazimier team to put up an event on Rat Alley, in the end of June. I will also play at that night. .


R+R – That's an amazing event.

For our readers and listeners who want to know more about Subcora where can they find you? 

Subcora - My facebook page is the best place to get updates about any news, new podcasts or gigs.


R+R – What can we expect from your podcast?

Subcora - In this podcast, I combined some of my slightly older favorites with more recent ones. It gradually builds up into a more dynamic mood. I tried to create a multi-instrumental and groovy atmosphere with a pace that could be good for both chilling and dancing!

R+R - Awesome, can't wait