Prop & Ganda is an electronic DJ and producer duo coming from Crete, Greece. Their first official remixes for Glory Hill Studio in 2017 and Bercana Music in 2018, along with the duo’s debut DJ performance in Amsterdam Dance Event, established Prop & Ganda’s musical style through Techno, Tech House and Afro House. Their first artist EP. is released by Glory Hill Studio, including two original tracks.


R+R – Hi guys we are really pleased to have you on here. let's start with, who is Prop & Ganda?

Prop & Ganda - Hi R+R, thank you for having us. We are Panagiotis and Antreas, two guys born and raised in the island of Crete, south of Greece.

R+R – How did you guys meet?

Prop & Ganda - We actually share a common friend. Antreas has a cousin who happens to be a friend of Panagiotis. In Greece and especially in Crete, being into and producing electronic dance music is not really a popular thing. So if someone knows two weirdoes like us, he has to introduce them to each other.

R+R – Hahaha! Brilliant! When and why did you start the group?

Prop & Ganda - We started working on music together around 2015. The first year was about getting to know each other, so we produced some really bad tracks, which were never released thankfully. In 2016 the main idea of the group and what we wanted to sound and look like was formed, so we decided to send out a promo track to a few producers and DJs we admire. The feedback was good and that’s how the group started. That promo track we are referring to is “Bigote”, released by Glory Hill Studio in February 26th 2018.

R+R – Any real meaning behind the name besides the obvious play on the words?

Prop & Ganda - To be completely honest we are very bad at choosing names even for our releases. Same applies to our group’s name. So yeah, no deeper meaning there!

R+R – Love it! Did you study music? If so, where and what type of music – classical or contemporary?

Prop & Ganda - One half of Prop & Ganda is DJ oriented and the other half is classically trained in music theory, piano and trumpet.

R+R – That should have a positive influence on the way you approach music. What/who influenced you in your early years?

Prop & Ganda - Our influences come from a very broad range of artists and genres. Maybe too many to mention everyone here. From Classical to electronic and Hip Hop.

R+R – I see. Well, who in the house scene is currently impressing you right now?

Prop & Ganda - Love the vibes of Keinenmusik crew, what Dixon is doing with Innervisions, Solomun for his dancing moves, Trikk for not releasing a bad track, Artbat for bringing back the Rave sound and the name dropping could go on and on. We are grateful for all those big names that are bringing the culture out there to a wider audience but there are also many massively talented producers who are not that famous.

Shout out to our own, Greek, Thodoris Triantafillou for being one of the few electronic music artists in Greece, who have deep knowledge on what they are doing.

R+R – Taking into account your influences what is it that sets you apart from the rest?

Prop & Ganda - Influences are essential in shaping an artist. Trying to analyse and combine the different techniques and philosophy behind every genre and artist that inspired us into a single, solid result, gives a unique yet familiar identity into our sound.

R+R – This surely is what differentiates your style or not?

Prop & Ganda - Taking into account that we are not famous and we’re trying to get our music out there, you have to find that thin line between what you want to produce and what people want to hear. Producing something completely different from what is already out there, will be rejected by record labels. Because it “doesn’t fit” their sound. On the other hand, producing a copy of what is already out there, will be signed on a record label but people will not embrace it. Because someone is doing it already and probably much better than what we do. Following that principle is what makes our style different. As we said before, we sound familiar but in a unique way.

R+R – If you had to share the stage/decks with anyone, who would that be?

Prop & Ganda - We would love to share the decks with anyone from the guys we mentioned above because we follow a few common lines, sound wise. But it would be fun to play back to back with DJs who are completely different from us, like Ricardo Villalobos.

R+R - What has 2018 have installed for Prop & Ganda?

Prop & Ganda - More remixes and original tracks are on the way, plus some interesting collaborations.

R+R – For our readers and listeners who want to know more about P&G where can the find you? Where are your upcoming gigs?

Prop & Ganda - Things are moving fast and changing all the time, so the best thing to do is to give us a follow on our social media, facebook, instagram and soundcloud, to stay updated regarding our studio and DJ work. We are into conversations about our first club residency in Greece. It’s something that needs time to be organised, so stay tuned!

R+R – What can we expect from your podcast?

Prop & Ganda - Afro rhythms blended with Progressive/Rave elements and melodies. We love the combination of darker, trippy atmosphere with Afro/Latin vibes and the journey through all of these individual sounds and genres.