Luke Hunter is an Audio Engineer, Producer, DJ and co-founder of Typ3 Records. Originating from Central Florida, he decided to re-locate to Miami in 2005 to pursue a career in music after graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in production.

For over a decade, Luke grew his music and fine-tuned his craft in Miami under the duo “SanedracHunter” in partnership with Franccesco Cardenas. In 2009, the two connected with Alexander Zinn a.k.a. “SpinnZinn”, host of local radio station WVUM 90.5 FM’s Bassment Sessions, initiating a 5-year residency on the show. In 2014, Luke, Franccesco and SpinnZinn launched Typ3 Records, a Miami-San Francisco based electronic music label. Typ3 has since released over 200 tracks with producers in over 12 different countries and has hosted many events with internationally recognized artists.

For Luke, every musical endeavor is an opportunity to create a completely new experience through sound. He strives to maintain and exceed his high standard of production and discerning ear that first led him to his love of music. His DJ sets and productions venture through a range of sounds from techno, tech, deep, progressive and minimal, while blurring genre lines. Without these lines of limitation, he seeks to find an overwhelming sense of connection with the listeners, invoking the thrill of hearing a track for the first time to allow them to drift into an audible journey that sparks emotion, thought and mutual understanding.

Luke has performed alongside and opened for artists including Guy J, Richie Hawtin, Lee Burridge, Timo Maas, Guy Mantzur, Dave Seaman, Scuba, Nick Curly, Robert Babicz, Len Faki, Chris Fortier, Stryke, Popof, Darin Epsilon, Dance Spirit, Manic Brothers, Arjun Vagale, Drumcell, Desyn Masiello and more.

Performing in clubs around the world including Pacha Buzios, Space Miami, Treehouse Miami, Electric Pickle, Beta, Trade, Harlot San Francisco, TBA Brooklyn, Moods Nicaragua, Burning Man, Rioma Club Mexico, Mint Belgrade, Gjuro2 Croatia, and 6 consecutive years at Ultra Music Festival in Miami as the SanedracHunter duo. Luke is currently a 8+ year resident at Treehouse Miami and he was featured in DJ Mag for the Miami Music Week 2017 feature on "Local Love" artists pushing forward Miami's music scene.


R+R – Thank you for taking the time to be with us today we glad to have you as part of our  ‘Known Unknown’ series.

Why don’t we start by you telling us who is Luke Hunter and how did it all began?

LK - I am an audio engineer, DJ and Producer based in Miami, Florida and label co-owner of Typ3 Records co-founded with my musical brothers SpinnZinn & Franccesco Cardenas. We have been running the label for five years now based across three cities from Miami to Berlin and San Francisco.

I fell in love with electronic music in the late 90’s with an early appreciation for guys like Robert Miles and then venturing into House, Techno and Progressive. After discovering good electronic music in Gainesville and all across Florida, the experience of music became a fascination to me. In 2005, I moved down to Miami and have been continually growing in the music the past 14 years. The more I learned to create the music inside my head and to blend together sounds in an endless mix, I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of my life… even if I had to work endlessly to make that a reality.


R+R – What is the hardest thing about being a DJ?

LK - The real hard work can be in all the extensive travel and logistics before the event. DJing is the enjoyable and easy part being in the moment with the music.


R+R – If you had to share the stage/decks with anyone, who would that be?

LK - I have always looked up to Sasha and John Digweed over the years, studying their mixes and inspired by their sounds. For me it would be a real honor to share the stage with either one of them.


R+R – Did you study music? If so, where and what type of music – classical or contemporary?

LK - I did not study music formally, but I would always mess around with sounds on piano keys or enjoy picking guitar strings. Both contemporary and classical music intrigues me. At 15, I thought myself guitar along with a friend and that stuck with me for about 6 years. I then started to meld guitar with some electronic sounds from the software Reason, then from Ableton. It kind of took off into the electronic realm from there.


R+R – What are your earlier memories of music.

LK - My earliest music memories are of soundscapes and songs by Vangelis and listening to an old 7” record that I used to play over and over of “The Loco-Motion” by Grand Funk Railroad.


R+R – Who are you currently, motivated by in scene

LK - I find motivation in artists both old and new who push the scene forward. I look up to classic guys like Hernan Cattaneo who continue to set musical standards and support new and undiscovered artists. He has played a few of my tracks on his Resident podcast including my yet to be released remix of “Farewell to the Moon” by Mlinar on Massive Harmony Records. Knowing my music is connecting with artists of that caliber really motivates me to continue creating.


R+R – Taking into account your influences what is it that sets you apart from the rest?

LK - I focus on delivering long continuous mixes fused with emotion and intention in the highest quality possible. My extensive audio background and awareness of the present moment allows me to connect with listeners in an enriching and renewing way.


R+R – Thinking about your sets, what experience are you trying to deliver?

LK - In my sets, I aim to deliver a conscious melodic groove that makes people dance but also brings the individual and collective mind on a journey together.


R+R - What do you intend to accomplish this year

LK - In 2019, I aim to continue creating and to connect with more musical experiences as well as rebuilding a new version of my studio to get back in creative mindset.


R+R – For our readers and listeners who want to know more about Luke Hunter where can they find you?

LK -You can follow along on for the latest music and info on the links below.


R+R - Where are your upcoming gigs?

LK -I recently finished up gigs opening for Cid Inc, Guy Mantzur, and ArtBat at Treehouse Miami where I have been a resident since 2011. I’m playing Feb 9th at Wynwood Block for Artwalk and Feb 15th in Coconut Grove with Mark Salner and the crew from Coconut Groove. I’m also working on a new project coming soon with and arranging gigs in New York and California for later in the year.


R+R – What can we expect from your podcast?

LK - This is an exclusive podcast mixed on the Xone96 and put together just for Rant+Rave as I wanted to make something special for your listeners. My intention was to take them on a conscious journey through sound with melodies and rhythms to get the mind thinking and then letting go. Each track was thoughtfully selected to connect in an increasingly deeper way with one another. I was also able to squeeze the Brandon Scarbrough remix of my original “Divine Vibration” which recently released on Laika Sounds. Thanks for having me on the podcast and I hope everyone enjoys and feels enriched by the music.