Freiboitar is a young DJ/Producer from Cologne Germany, with roots in technocity Berlin.  
Originally from a classical piano background Freiboitar ventured into Indie/Pop sounds joining a Cologne based Indie band playing the synthesizer.   While touring with the group his interest in more deeper sounds lead him to carve his own style into the underground DJ scene with his unique sounds weaving through beats of his own. 


Freiboitar – We are delighted to have you here with us.

So why don’t you start by telling us where it all began, the story behind the talent?
Since I was a little kid I was always really music oriented. So I started to learn classic piano when I was 6 and had piano lessons for over 12 years. The next step was playing the synthesizers in a german indie/pop band. The technical aspects, how a synth works, really impressed me. And I moved on, to learn, how to produce my own stuff. I wanted to bring my ideas of clubmusic to the

Thinking about this time – who had a major influence on the path you took?
My older brother always taught me about new music, artists and finally founded an indie-band himself, where I played aswell. In my childhood we listened to a lot of punkrock music from California, like NOFX and Lagwagon.

As you know we are great fans of your work – how would you describe your production style?
I love 70s funk & soul music. Also a lot of oldschool house tracks based on samples from the 70s & 80s. So I wanted to keep the organic warm feeling of real funk/jazz/soul and bring it to the dancefloor.

The advent of technology in the space of music production and importantly Djing has meant that anyone and everyone can call themselves a Dj or producer. What are your thoughts about this?
Using a computer made it easier to DJ and produce music. But you will always hear the difference between good productions and the not so good productions. I am really happy to use a computer at home to produce new music, without spending much money on renting a professional studio.

Thinking about your sets, how do you prepare for them? What is rather unique about your performance?
I really like to collect the tunes for my set some days before the gig. I am always in touch with the promoters, so they can tell me what kind of club I will play and what kind of people visiting the place I am going to play. For me it’s important to make everyone happy with my set, without playing commercial stuff.

Who impresses you now on the DJ scene; production or performance wise?
I love digging music from these labels: Mother Recordings, Exploited, Defected, Robsoul, Indiana Tones

What does the future hold for Freiboitar?

I signed a second EP to “No Brainer Records”, my follow up of my “Nobody Dance EP”. I will release
an EP on Bunny Tiger and a track on a compilation. I also finished a new EP for the swiss label
“Indiana Tones”.

What can we expect from your podcast?
It’s a fusion between old school house and modern tech house. So… the next hour is becoming funky