We are Brazilian musicians from Curitiba. We love to talk about ourselves and play a mix of House, Afro House and Tech House. Check out our latest EP Rebolabo out on Traxsource, Beatport & Spotify

R+R – Thank you for taking the time to be with us today we glad to have you as part of our our ‘Known Unknown’ series. 
Why don’t we start by you telling us who is Drunky Daniels and how did it all began?

Drunky Daniels - Thanks for inviting us. Drunky has started almost 7 years ago with Grazi (Ella Whatt) and me (Vini), producing House and Tech house sounds with focus on the dancefloor I mean very groove. We had more than 100 released tracks on many labels around the world like: Toolroom Rec, Warung Recodings, Lost Records, Seres Produções and more. As we grown up between this time I mean musically, now we focus on making music with more melodies, to tell a storie to bring something more not only a music with big build ups, we writte a history so it can deeply touch people. We are cooking stuffs like House, deep and a lot of afro and Brazilian influences.

We are now very happy that our latest release called REBOLADO EP was Top 10 on Traxsource and Beatport.

R+R – Did you study music? If so, where and what type of music – classical or contemporary?
Drunky Daniels - Both of us were involved with music since we were very young but we came from different kind of music.
My background are totally on black music, disco and house 90's sounds.  I've been teaching DJ and Music Production at AIMEC (International Academy of Eletronic Music) since 2008. Actually I never stop studing because is always something new coming and I have to learn. I can't tell you that I play any instruments but I do know a lot of music theory so it is essencial to make music. Grazi did Electronic Music Production college in Sao Paolo/BR. After that she lived in europe for while and always liked heavy songs, made a lot of courses on her way till now.

R+R – What is the hardest thing about being a DJ?
Drunky Daniels - Be VERY patient and understand that everything has a time to happen but it will only happen when you get experience haha.

R+R – Hahaha love it! Who are you currently motivated by in scene?
The Marroco master FNX Omar is one of our best producers at the moment.

R+R – Taking into account your influences what is it that sets you apart from the rest? 
Drunky Daniels - Feelings maybe and then time on the road. As much on the tracks as our dj sets we put everything of us on it. 

R+R – What is the hardest thing about being unique
Drunky Daniels - Well, trusting in yourself and doing what you believe because sometimes you get out of focus and you might lose your essence.

R+R – Thinking about your sets, what experience are you trying to deliver?
Drunky Daniels - We definitely like to see people dancing and smiling. Our dj sets constructions depend of the party sometimes we go deep and some we go groovy \o/ but always going up and down.

R+R – If you had to share the stage/decks with anyone, who will that be? 
Drunky Daniels - Black Coffee would be amazing!

R+R - Oh yeah! That guy is a bloody legend. What do you intend to accomplish this year in 2019.

Drunky Daniels - Wow! we set goals and try to accomplish them step by step. We are very glad that our 2019 has started very well actually.

We released an EP with Ella Whatt on Seres Produções called REBOLADO EP and we reached on several charts and good positions on Beatport and Traxsource and it still going up. 
We gonna have nice collaborations with producers that we admire a lot. Sketching our 2019 Europe Tour and south america. 
So many stuff are coming up for this year just keep the eyes on us.

R+R – For our readers and listeners who want to know more about Drunky Daniels where can they find you? 
Drunky Daniels - Hey guys you can catch us in all social medias but to be honest we enjoy more to share our days on instagram.
You just need to write @drunkydaniels and you will find us.

R+R - Where are your upcoming gigs?

Drunky Daniels - Summer in Brazil so we gonna play around.  

R+R – What can we expect from your podcast? 
Drunky Daniels - Smooth and fresh beats for listening during the day and night. Let's get drunky of music.