Angela Rose is a London based artist with a passion for music. She is fairly new to the scene, however very mature musically. Her unique style and sound has landed her a load of great opportunities, having networked with many great DJ/Producers & promoters, played in some of the most popular bars & clubs all over London as well as internationally in just over a year.

She is a self confessed party goer with an insatiable need for spinning tunes. So when behind the decks her aim is to get the crowd feeling what she feels when expressing herself on the dance floor. Her sound is a mixture of London, France, Detroit, Chicago and South African House.

“I can only give you what connects with me” ~Angela Rose


R+R – Angela, thank you very much for taking time out, we are delighted to have you  as part of our 'Known Unknown' series. Can we start with your earliest memories of music? 

I grew up in a very musical household, my mum used to be a dancer, singer/song writer and was in a girl group in her early and late teens called “The Fizzy Drink Posse”, she is a huge Lover of music as well as my dad, we used to listen to a lot of rival and reggae music as well as a lot of RnB and old skool house music. As a teen, I absolutely loved the music my mum played on the weekends while she would cook or clean, one of the main tracks she always played which I remember till this day was Strings by Loose Ends and Frankie Knuckles – Tears which is my favourite house track.

R+R – When and why did you decide to get into this line of work?

It all started in 2013, when I started heavily going out to House raves. I’ve always loved music, however in 2012-2013 I fell deeply in Love with House and literally one night when I was out, the thought of becoming a DJ popped into my mind, I mentioned it to my friend and we laughed and carried on partying but the thought stuck with me at every rave I went to and it just wouldn’t disconnect from my mind. I would go to parties sneak into the DJ booth or make friends with the bouncers so they would let me in, and while I was in the booth try to scope what the DJs were doing. I became somewhat obsessed to the point I could no longer enjoy raves/festivals because I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I wanted to be the person behind the decks controlling the music so in 2016 I brought a pair of CDJ’s got taught the basics and practised in my living room. August 2017 I uploaded my first ever mix “Frequency” and in September 2017 received my first booking at Proud in Camden.

R+R – I guess the passion was too strong to let go. What is the hardest thing about being a DJ?

For me, the hardest thing about being a DJ is overcoming the overthinking and fear, overthinking if the crowd will like what I play, feeling fearful behind the decks while playing and letting that hinder my performance. I thought learning how to mix was the hard part, until I had to perform in front of a crowd, that was the tricky part, I had to learn how to study the crowd, give off the right energy which I’m still learning but with every gig ‘the hardest thing about DJing’ has somewhat got easier. I no longer overthink as much and the fear I feel just before my set usually fades after the first few tracks. ☺

R+R – Practice makes perfect. What are you doing to perfect your skills. 

I’m now looking into starting a production course and possibly learning to play an instrument. In fact, these are two things I’ve always wanted to do but the thought has been a blurred vision until of recent. Since learning how to mix, I’ve learnt a lot about music and would love to expand my knowledge and skills.

R+R – Who in the scene currently inspires you?

It would have to be Osunlade, I get a lot of my inspiration from him, his all about expressing himself, storytelling, down to earth, very spiritual and loves to express that within his music and that’s something I’m very passionate about too, I love to try and tell a story through music as well as express myself mentally, physically & spiritually.

R+R – Taking into account your influences what is it that sets you apart from the rest?

I would say my style and sound; I’m very drawn to a lot of music that doesn’t get played as much anymore. House music from the early & late 90’s is actually what I live for such as Dream to Science, Frankie Knuckles etc, I love the old skool house culture and try to intertwine this with the new, within my mixes and sets.  I also have a very artistic mind, I can never just stick to the basics or what’s trending. My mind is always on the go with new ideas which comes off within my work so you never really know what to expect from me as it’s always different.


R+R – Thinking about your sets, what experience are you trying to deliver?

Funny enough, this is answered within my bio, I love partying/dancing just as much as I love to DJ, so going out and dancing is one of my ways of just expressing myself, feeling free and just connecting with the music, so when behind the decks my aim is to tell a story, get lost within the music and escape. In hope the energy I give off will allow the crowd to vibe with me and do the same.

R+R – If you had to share the stage/decks with anyone, who will that be?

It would definitely have to be the person I’m most inspired by, Osunlade. ☺


R+R – For our readers and listeners who want to know more about Angela Rose where can they find you?

You can find me on







R+R - Where are your upcoming gigs?

Currently, I have a resident spot at a bar called Supercute in Brixton Village, you can catch me there every other Saturday from 8pm – 11pm. Also, I’m always posting my upcoming events so if you follow my social media pages you can find more details regarding these events.


R+R – What can we expect from your podcast?

It’s a blend of my style and sound, bumpy Afro, Deep and Old Skool House Music.